Rosalind Buck

The art of literary translation is to allow the author's voice to speak in the target language, painstakingly retaining all the intrinsic aspects of the original work. It therefore demands the skills of an experienced literary specialist capable of not only translating but also writing in the specific genre. Rosalind has extensive experience in this field and has translated more than thirty books and many individual stories, poems and articles, some also from German and French.  She is approved by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Flemish Literarture Fund as a translator of Dutch and Flemish fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

A list of previous book translations is given below.

You can also read about some of my multimedia work with writers and performers under collaborations.

You can also have all or part of your translation prepared as an audio file for release as an audio book or as a promotional tool. 


+33 (0) 7 68 48 69 34

16 rue Jules Ferry, 32100 Condom, France