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Annemarie Estor

We had never met face to face. We knew each other through Annemarie's poetry and my translations. Annemarie is a performing poet and my translations are projected behind her when she performs to a non-Dutch speaking audience.
In June 2019, when I heard she would be passing through my neck of the woods in SW France on her way home to Antwerp from Spain, I invited Annemarie to appear with me for an evening of poetry and song in three languages. She arrived at around 2pm. We rehearsed and discussed exactly which pieces we would perform and, after a vegetarian dinner, we were on stage at 9pm. It was a lot of fun. Annemarie read her own works in Dutch and French and I read my English translations and some of my own work. We sang together in French and Dutch and I sang some of my own songs in French. To our delight, the evening was a sellout and people who were unable to get tickets for dinner came later just for the show. It was a lot of fun and encouraging to see that, even in rural France, you can get an audience for poetry in three languages!


Lies van Gasse


A multimedia project commissioned by the Irish poetry magazine, Gorse. The original work by Flemish graphic poet Lies van Gasse was published along with the English translation in the printed magazine. An accompanying audiovisual presentation by the poet and the translator, Rosalind Buck, was shown at the opening of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios in Dublin on the evening of Wednesday 29 August 2018 and can be found published online here.

My translations of Lies' poems are projected behind her when she performs live in non-Dutch-speaking venues.

Poetry International Rotterdam

Lies van Gasse appeared at the 2018 Poetry International Festival reading her poems, with translations by Rosalind Buck projected as subtitling. To see her performance on Thursday 31 May click on the button.



I perform as a professional storyteller on line and often collaborate with my brother, the award-winning Jason Buck Storyteller. For details of storytelling projects, follow this link


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